Sunday, 18 March 2012


A long overdue update, so yes: the stage arrived and is in the process of being painted:

Rewards have been made:

And there will soon follow an announcement abut the opening night show.....

Monday, 9 January 2012


Well we're done on Fundit....praise Odin! Thanks to Seamus Hegarty, Maria O'Callaghan and all the actors who put up with my nonsense and of course the genius of my personal stylist Lisa Zagone! But the biggest thank you is reserved for the good people who dug deep into their pockets and made a donation, you know who you are, Ár og fríðr!

Stay tuned for details about the opening night festivities for the stage!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Fundit ad 5 - The Televangelist

Ok folks, we've only got 10 days left on, please enjoy the video and donate! if we don't make our total we got nothin!! So yes, yes enjoy the video and happy (insert applicable holiday here).

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fundit ad 4

Tick tock tick tock, only thirteen days left…hopefully santa can hook us up some some of those seasonably charitable donations I keep hearing about….

Thank you kindly!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

What are you getting Camden for christmas?

.…as we draw closer to the annual marking of the battle of christmas island…when the grinch and jesus signed the clause at Santa de repatriate the booty from the years plunder to all the boys and girls who were lucky enough to have wealthy parents…..a wonderful celebration indeed, especially the christmas lights, our planetary cooperative operation at the darkest time of year to try to signal the UFO's…..but we're still waiting and I don't think they're going to show up any time soon….so while we're waiting we need some entertainment….hmmm if only Camden Palace theatre had a stage…..

What are you getting Camden for christmas?  

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Actors (from the encyclopaedia poppycock)


Class: Hominid, Phylum: Theatrical

Actors are mostly nocturnal creatures, feeding mainly on smilie and syntax. Though some early scientists speculated that actors were in possession of gills, there was a series of unfortunate experiments which proved otherwise….actors are generally docile creatures unless provoked by an engaging scene or costume, however there have been cases of rabid actors attacking audience members (mostly on the continent)…..they live mainly under stages or in cloakrooms, however, when a stage is not present they tend to dig burrows, which in some cases can compromise the structural integrity of theatres….in Camden Palace we have thus far negated these burrows by forging bad reviews and placing them in a carpet like fashion upon the ground….as an extra precaution I have personally hired several hecklers, working 12 hour shifts, to keep the actors off balance….I fear these measures are simple a stop gap solution…we need your help to procure a stage….please send whatever you can....

Monday, 5 December 2011

Actors aren't just for christmas.


That hideous time of year is upon us again….that time of year when in the post gift-giving days our streets and countryside becomes clogged by homeless actors….it seems that families get an actor for christmas…and after a few days they can bear it no longer….they take the actor for a drive in the countryside…for what they say is a Sunday evening matinee of Strindberg's Fritänkaren….but the actor is abandoned….here at Camden Palace we're working toward building a better future for these helpless thespians but we need your help….a stage must be constructed to rehabilitate the actors before it's too late….if the funds aren't raised in time then I'm afraid it's off to glue factory for those we can't help……….

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


….you know what to do....


The latest instalment of the fundit series....

Thanks to:

Maria O'Callaghan
Ger Horgan
Ken Russell
Olivia Sheehan
Livie Riordan

...and the always awesome Lisa Zagone with her wonder costumes....

Monday, 28 November 2011


A brief message from Camden Palace Hotel's Minister for Propaganda regarding the current situation…..please donate what you can....

Saturday, 19 November 2011

status report 1.

Well the first few days have yielded pledges of €160…thank you kindly to those who donated….the next video is stirring at the moment, should be online by next weekend….stay tuned…lots more to come…..

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


We're live on the site right now!

Click here to make a contribution!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The first of the stage ad's

….stay tuned…more to come….



This is an urgent appeal!  I am Danny Forde, Camden Palace Hotel spokesman, and I ask you today for a few minutes of your time and maybe a few of your precious shekels, dinaros or dollars.  But firstly, I must tell you of Camden Palace Hotel!  Located on the banks of the Lee in Cork city centre, Camden Palace Hotel has been providing space and facilities to artists since 2009.  Incorporating fields as diverse as painting, theatre, dance, film-making, music and photography, to name but a few, Camden Palace Hotel encourages and facilitates creative experimentation, idea sharing and collaboration amongst artists of all disciplines.  Camden Palace Hotel is an independent non profit arts centre, currently receiving zero funding, we are a self sufficient entity helped along by public donations and the hard work of our volunteers.  We aim to encourage creative partnerships and collaboration between, artists, individuals, business, community groups and other public bodies, as well as to promote social inclusion and diversity through actively encouraging access and participation to all.

Situated in the middle of Camden palace Hotel is the theatre, an intimate 90 seater venue. To date the theatre has hosted several different projects ranging from 'Chekov Plays' presented by Gulliver's Travelling Theatre, to the Orchard Theatre Comapny's 'Stones in his pockets' and ''Shelagh Stephenson's 5 kinds of silence'.  For these shows we were lucky enough to be able to borrow a stage from some kindly wizards, but alas they have flown the coop and the theatre is still without a stage…..and the actors are loose….when captured one actor was quoted as saying;

"Please help us with our project to bring quality, professional theatre productions to Camden Palace Hotel. In the last year the theatre space in Camden Palace Hotel has been decorated to a very high standard, an in house theatre company set up and now we just need a new stage to get our theatre project up and running full time. We have worked on a number of newly written innovative projects this year which has seen the collaboration of many visual and performing artists, both resident and visiting, Camden Palace Hotel. What we need now is to take this project to the next level where we can invite both local and international artists to Cork."    - Maria O'Callaghan, Camden Palace Theatre Co-op

So over the next few weeks, as your kind donations start coming in, we'll upload a new video once a week updating you on our progress, rounding up the actors, building the stage and all the other nonsense…..then of course, all going well, we'll have the stage up and running in February 2012, with the opening show scheduled for (fingers crossed) Valentines please get donating and follow the weekly updates on the blog. Thanks again!

....more updates soon....